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Geopoetics in brief… Geopoetics is a transdisciplinary theory-practice applicable to all the domains of life and research. Its aim is to re-establish and enrich the Humanity-Earth relationship long since deteriorated when not totally destroyed, with consequences now well documented on the ecological, psychological and intellectual plane. Geopoetics presents new existential perspectives in an open world.

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Origins 1936 – 1963 « Right from the start he was a complete organism, bearing in himself the seeds of his future development. »Fyodor Dostoyevsky, on Pushkin, in A Writer’s Journal 1936 Born in Glasgow, south side of the river, in the notorious Gorbals district. Father, railway signalman, socially-minded, avid reader of books. Grandfather, musician,

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Kenneth White’s Portrait a brief outline Born in Scotland, based in France as from 1967, Kenneth White says he is Scottish by his origins, French by adoption, European in mentality, but the whole world is his workfield. The author of a multi-faceted body of work, he was early on marked by two fields of force :

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